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“Truffle Hunt” – a gourmet, adventure tour


With us, you will discover the mysterious world of truffles – a product which has been appreciated and sought after by people since ancient times. We will reveal to you its secrets. We will introduce you to its origin, how to find it and apply its unique culinary qualities in order to impress even the most refined tastes.

Gourmet tasting

Place to relax

Become a part of an unforgettable adventure called truffle hunting, accompanied by a trained, professional detection dog and its guide. Explore the truffle world up close through our lecture. We give you the unique opportunity to study and apply the intricacies of truffle hunting.
Treat yourself to a unique experience in the great outdoors in the first of its kind truffle growing plantation in Bulgaria!

It is adventure time

We will welcome you in the parking area in front of the forest, where a specialised transport to the final destination will await you for your convenience. However, if you wish to stretch your legs after the trip by coach or car, we offer an alternative hike to the place of meeting with the dog and its guide. The path is signposted and easy to recognise, and the locality is famous for its rich flora and fauna and that is why we recommend that you take photos at will.

The adventure is just beginning. We arrive at the agreed place. Charged with the energy of the forest, contained in a cup of tea of aromatic lime-tree blossoms, you will be involved in a short, intriguing, informational lecture, after which we proceed with the main event. Acquaintance with the truffle hunting dog and its experienced guide follows. In the coming minutes, he will be your guide in the forest and reveal to you the mysterious world of truffles. He will tell you interesting facts and show you the methods of finding the precious mushroom. After the hike, having already accumulated emotions, knowledge and experience in finding truffles, you will have the opportunity to taste them, as well as products prepared with them.

How did it all start?

The story of the foundation of our truffle farm began years ago, when we created the Thracian Truffles brand and all the gastronomic masterpieces with truffles we produce.

Despite the difficulties to establish the Bulgarian truffle on such a specific market with recognised world leaders, the high international appreciation of its qualities inspired us to set up a place in a natural environment where every tourist can experience the emotion of touching this treasure hidden in the ground, understand how valuable it is with its nutritional and health value, have the opportunity to sample and feel the unique taste qualities and at the same time enjoy themselves.

Our truffle hunting farm was built with great desire and care and that is why every visitor will be welcomed as a dear guest and we, the farm team together with our favorite truffle-hunting dogs, will our utmost to provide you with a different and unforgettable experience.


There is no room for hesitation

          Truffle hunting is an adventure that leaves wonderful memories of the experience! So far to nature, the charming dogs that accompany the tour leave a lasting mark along with the incomparable aroma and taste of gastronomic dimanite – truffles. In addition, all our guests learn interesting and rich information related to this “luxury” mushroom.

The tour includes


  • Reception at the beginning of the forest with an attraction train that takes tourists to the truffle forest farm.
  • A brief welcoming speech and a cup of hot lime tea from the host to welcome the guests. Presentation of the guests’ favorite truffle-hunting dogs, professionally trained and proven “professionals”.
  • The entry into the forest marks the beginning of the truffle hunting demonstration. Tourists have the opportunity to witness a completely real hunt, and the reaction and the work of the dogs.
  • After the completion of the demonstration, tourists are invited to a gourmet tasting of high-quality truffle foods, which are produced by the hosts and bear their own brand,„Thracian truffles”. Duration of the entire tour – 1 hour and 30 minutes.



  • Bruschetta with black summer truffle paste based on olive paste.
  • Bruschetta with white truffle paste – based on mushroom and truffle borchii paste
  • Bruschetta with white truffle “Sauce Royal” – based on cream, cheese, borchii and magnatum truffle.
  • Chocolates with pieces of white and black truffle – the first Bulgarian chocolates containing pieces of white and black truffle.
  • Mineral water – 1 bottle (330 ml) per person.
  • Lime tea picked and prepared from the lime forest nearby.
  • A glass of wine from local producers.

Tourists will have the opportunity to receive competent information about each of the Thracian Truffles products and to purchase them (cash and card payments are accepted).


  • It is recommended to book a tour 7 days prior to its date. Each booking for which the customer has received an official confirmation by email is deemed confirmed.
  • Truffle hunting period: Truffle hunting is possible all year round, but the most suitable period is considered to be from April to November.
  • All food and beverages offered for tasting during the tour have all certificates of origin and a warranty of fitness according to the European standards
  • The lectures during the guided tour are delivered in Bulgarian and Russian; in case a translation into another foreign language is required, an additional payment for an interpreter will be charged.
  • Prepayment is required for each tour and the deadlines for it are determined individually according to the specific nature of the booking placed.

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